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6ft Eucalyptus Tree

$119.99 USD

The 6ft indoor artificial eucalyptus tree looks like a real one, and each leaf is exquisitely crafted to reflect authentic details. The perfect home decor alternative to a real tree, filling any corner of your home. Artificial eucalyptus tree with lush green leaves and slender branches for indoor use. A hand-woven seagrass blue, made from flexible wicker, is sturdy and beautiful, capturing the look and feel of a lovely eucalyptus tree. They are made of premium polyester material and emit no unpleasant odors. They are made of premium polyester material that emits no unpleasant odors. The plastic nursery pot is covered with realistic moss. These designs allow it to be life-like in appearance. The pot is made of solid cement which prevents children and pets from knocking it down. It is safe and sturdy, giving your room valuable fill. indoor artificial eucalyptus trees don't need watering, sunlight, fertilizer, or special care. They will not fade or die and keep their appearance fresh all year. If there is dust, wipe it off with a damp rag. Easily adjustable, the item may need to be reshaped when removed from the box to achieve its intended appearance. Our indoor artificial eucalyptus tree is outfitted with inner metal wires, you can adjust the leaves to the shape you like. It will immediately fill in any gaps and accentuate the space.

Item No. EOPTD4A6004A37

Product Features

 Product Warranty 12 Months
Includes Nothing Additional Included
Dimensions H 71 in,W 20 in
Plant Category Plants
Color Family Green
Weight 9 lbs
Material Plastic