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2 Easy Steps To Measuring For Slide Out Shelves

1. Determine which type of cabinet you have ( framed or faceless)

2. Determine which clear opening applies to the area you want to install the shelf in (see a, b & c)

Take time to read other information on this page that explains other details about drawer slides and other product information.
If you have questions concerning how to properly measure your cabinet, please contact us at: prior to ordering.




Pull out shelves for face frame cabinets Framed cabinets have a face frame usually made of a hardwood. When the doors of the cabinet are closed you can still see the cabinet face frames around the doors and drawer fronts and usually you can see the hinges. The interior of the cabinet is wider on both sides than the cabinet opening. The face frame usually extends into the opening about 1-3/4" or more. Framed cabinets are the traditional style of cabinets in the United States and they are found in more homes than the newer Euro style. Some newer cabinets are hybrids, meaning they have a face frame but hidden hinges like the Euro style.

 Pull out shelves for Faceless cabinets

"Euro" or Frame-less style"

Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame. The front edge of the cabinet sidewall is the front of the cabinet. When the doors and drawers are closed they cover almost the entire cabinet. The hinges are totally concealed when the doors are closed. Euro style hinges are larger than the traditional framed cabinet hinge and tend to interfere more with the cabinet opening. Frame less cabinets often use a 32mm hole system for the hinge mounting and shelf support. The interior width is the same as the opening minus the door and hinge interference. Many newer homes have frame less style cabinets.

2. Clear opening(the area required for the slide out shelf to slide through)

It is measured typically in three different ways, depending on your cabinet style and hinge placement.

Opening (a) is typical for a middle cabinet installation and will not have door hinge interference. Measure this distance from frame to frame on a face frame cabinet, and from inside wall to inside wall on frame less cabinets (open door and check if any part of the door edge protrudes into the opening, subtract this amount if it does)

Opening (b) is a base mount and because of the hinge protruding into the opening, the clear opening is measured from the edge of the hinge to the other side

Opening ( c ) is a base mount and has two hinges protruding into the opening, in this case the measurement is from hinge to opposite hinge.

Variance: if the hinges do not protrude more than 1/2" and are 2-3/4" or more above the cabinet floor, then they do not become a factor and the measurement would be clear opening (a)

All pull out shelves are custom made in 1-3/4"widths, if you are in doubt always round down

Our Shelves are available with standard drawer slides which are 3/4 extension slides or Full Extension Ball Bearing slides with standard extension or soft close feature .

Measuring Length: Measurement should be from cabinet back wall to cabinet front minus 1", Typical base cabinets will be 23-23 1/2" deep, in this case, we recommend ordering a 22"long shelf

Measuring And Installation Video Guides

Our video tutorials are great tools for those who like to see the process before they buy.

The video on the left explains How To Measure The Cabinet Opening?
The video on the right shows the installation process of a pull-out shelf.