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Round LED BATHROOMS Vanity Mirrors With Dimmable Lights

$121.88 USD

LED light can last for more than 50,000 hours (45 years if used for 3 hours a day).


The mirror has a waterproof rating of A. Our LED mirrors have a waterproof and moisture-resistant backing and an IP 44 rating for safe lighting in wet environments.


The anti-fog feature ensures a clear reflection image even in a steam shower or water vapor.

5 Year Warranty

To ensure your peace of mind, we offer a generous 5-year warranty on the BuyLikePro products.

If you have any inquiries or suggestions for mirror improvement, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. We are committed to creating beautiful, modern, and safe home environment for your satisfaction.

Cleaner Mirror, Brighting Your Life

Minimalistic Design Meets Exquisite Craftsmanship

Illuminate your beauty, day and night

No more worries about dim bathroom light.Featuring dual built-in LED light bars with grace,This mirror provides double the luminous embrace.Bid farewell to shadows, ensuring flawlessness,For makeup, shaving, and beauty with finesse.

At your fingertips, perfect lighting control

With a gentle touch, customize the hue, enjoy lighting options tailored for you. From warm (3000K), natural (4500K) to white (6000K) light, select your preference, make your space bright.

Even after turning off, then on once more, your previous lighting settings are in store.

Guarding your beauty with durability and protection

With its anti-corrosion and shatterproof design,
It withstands the test of time, a true lifeline.
Not only that, it passes a rigorous acid test, An epoxy coat ensures it’s among the best.

Standing strong even after a rigorous 30-day acid test.
Year after year, its radiance won’t fade,
BuyLikePro LED mirror, a lasting accolade.

Defying fog, behold the clarity

No more foggy mirrors, a thing of the past,
In steam-filled baths, where vision is obscured,

BuyLikePro's anti-fog technology ensures you’re reassured.
No need for wiping, no hand’s gentle touch,
Your reflection always clear, a sight that’s lush.
Enjoy a true sanctuary, where beauty is plucked.

Smart living, at your fingertips

Adjust lighting brightness and color temperature, BuyLikePro LED mirror provides ample light, for sure. With our intelligent touch control, life is a breeze,
Convenience and comfort, brought with ease.

Support Wall Switch, Easy to Use

Option 1: Plug your LED bathroom mirror directly into the nearest electrical outlet.

Option 2: Cut the plug, then connect the wire to wall switch by hard wire(preferably done by a professional electrician).


Effortlessly create beauty, with your hands and mind

Led light3000K/4500K/6000K Optional
MaterialSilver Coating 5mm High Quality Glass
SwitchControlled by touch sensor switch,dimmable
IP RatingIP44
Installation mode 
With Anti-fog function, IP44 
Optional Function 
Multi-colored led lights,Touch Sensor Switch,Dimmable Brightness,Anti-fog

Key factors in determining the size of your bathroom mirror include the width of your sink, the size of the wall the mirror will hang on, and the visual effect you want to achieve. A common rule of thumb is that your mirror should be 70-80% the width of your sink.

Choosing the correct bathroom mirror size is a critical step in designing the perfect bathroom. Not only does the bathroom mirror play a key role in completing daily personal care activities like shaving, applying makeup, and styling hair, it's also the last thing we look at before heading out.

You may have many other questions about this, such as how is height determined? Are there any other rules or guidelines? Related content can be found in this article. How To Measure Mirrors For Bathrooms?

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